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Scamming renter


Hi All,

I recently had a renter who complained about basically anything they could their entire trip without any eveidence. They claimed after having the unit for 2 days that the black tank was full and I never emptied. I offered a refund to the renter and offered to come get the unit since they said the smell was unbearable but they declined. After the rental was complete they reached out to outdoorsy and request a FULL REFUND of their money. I believe this person is a scammer that makes up false issues the entire trip in hopes of getting a free rental. Im concerned at how someone could use my camper and take my time delivering setting up and so forth then get all of their money back. Has anyone else run into this issue?


Weekend warrior

I have, in fact. It resulted in damages to our RV (I had to make a claim for) and a bad review left at the last minute, so I couldn't respond. Now, when a renter picks up the camper, I pull both waste tank handles - nothing comes out. Then I tell them that's what I'm doing when the camper comes back (unless I deliver/pickup). There's no way they can claim it was not emptied. 

The "black tank full" complaint is usually your first indication you are about to have "those renters". Before I came up with my new check-out and check-in tank checks, I would take my sewage tote to wherever the camper was and empty it regardless of what the renter said. No more complaints.

Document, document, and document some more. And make sure you leave DETAILED reviews.

Is a time-stamped pictured of the sensors zeroed out enough? I love the idea of switching the cap and opening it and seeing nothing comes out...that's smart.

When the renters don't empty the tanks and then tow it back, those sensors can be pretty useless. With the back to back rentals, we haven't had a chance to do a full cleaning. 

Pulling the t-handle and seeing what happens is pretty definitive - hard to argue when the renter sees their poopwater through the clear elbow fitting.

I'm gonna add it to my check out. I like doing the sensors too cuz I want them showing empty, but no sensors and no liquid is a done deal. Thanks!

Day-tripper II

Hi there,

In hindsight did anything clue you in to the renter being one who would act that way?  Just wondering if such knowledge would help me avoid such a situation.