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San Diego to Florida in 9 days


Hi all,

New to OD, had a potential renter ask about this trip, initially, he didn't indicate the duration until I asked as I assumed it would be nearly a 3-week rental. In an RV that's about 5 days out. Assuming a week in Florida and 5 days back.

He then came back and said no, he miscommunicated he would be picking up and returning in nine days with four people total.

Now I'm starting to get a little nervous.

I hadn't planned on charging for mileage. Never believing somebody would want to blow 5,000 mi in 9 days












Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there @Toy4Rick, if your rig is a drivable I can say the majority of other owners would strongly encourage you to charge for mileage. Typically owners will have a base of 100-200 miles (closer to 100 usually) included per day and then charge for any on top of that.  

I would make sure they realize how long it’s actually going to take them to get there and back.  If it’s a towable - you need to find out their experience towing - same for a driveable.  Realistically that trip is 4 days there and 4 days back.  I would ask what i call open ended questions - such as - how long do you plan on being in Florida for? How long do you plan to travel each day - things like that. It could be that they will have multiple drivers and driving straight through 🤷‍♀️  And if it’s a towable, most do not charge mileage.  I usually have at least one camper a year go to Yellowstone and back!  Part of a successful rental is setting realistic expectations.  Many don’t realize just how long it’s going to take them to get somewhere as you need to stop more frequently and travel at a slower speed.  I had someone who wanted to tow one of my campers 16+ hours away for a 4 day trip - assuming they would tow it straight there.  They decided against the trip once I educated them that it would be a two day trip there and 2 days back…