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Safety check. Does anyone feel Outdoorsy requiring a safety check every three months excessive?

Day-tripper II

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there @RobertR doing an inspection every 90 days might sound frequent. However, if the rig is being taken out by renters fairly regularly then a lot can change on a rig within those 90 days. Owners can complete the inspections all on their own and by taking photos to document the process, or they can have a professional mechanic complete the assessment. 


Statistically, we see that staying on top of your inspections will reduce the chances of mechanical failures, and help ensure the renter experience will not include any issues, which in the end will help to secure better reviews.

I'm new to outdoorsy and have only had one rental so far. Don't want to be unsafe but trailer has mostly sat in driveway.  Nice to know i can do inspection myself, I'm mechanically inclined.  I've seen a list of items to check but not a form to fill out. Is there an official outdoorsy form separated by motorized or pull type which has blanks and check marks for the specific items to inspect. Example: tire tread depth, brake pad thickness and condition. Running, brake lights etc and if all lenses are intact. As an owner i need to be sure nothing is missed for my customers safety and my butt is covered legally and so insurance coverage doesn't get refused in a claim. Thank you. Really appreciate your team answering questions. Please make sure these answers part of your manuals. Thanks again. 

Day-tripper II

I don't feel that anything regarding safety is too excessive. Peoples lives are in the hands of our trailers and R.Vs. Think of it as having a swimming pool and kids at the house. You're going to go check that swimming pool countless times while those kiddos are playing in the yard even though you KNOW you put the cover over it. Just because you took your RV camping two weeks ago safely, does not mean something can't go terribly wrong today. 🙂 And yes, as an owner I found the safety check to be redundant and a pain but not excessive


What I wonder is if OD or the insurance would use the lack of so-called inspection to refuse to pay a claim. Knowing how insurance companies often operate, I would not be surprised even if the cause of damage is totally unrelated to anything in an inspection.