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RV/Van washing policies during drought

Day-tripper II

Living in California we are heading into drought and already have water restrictions.   I won't be able to wash my camper vans as often as I have been and wonder how others are thinking about handling this.  

I'm thinking of adding a note to our listings that has a temporary "washing" policy stating the vehicle exterior will not be washed for each rental but will instead be washed ~monthly...  

Any thoughts or recommendations? 


Weekend warrior

If they fit you can take them to a car wash. Unless they close because of the drought. 

Im sure if properly explained, renters will understand your policy. Maybe at least do the windshield and mirrors. 

Day-tripper III

I think it's important to keep the RV exterior clean for various reasons. But mainly for the safety of your guest. They need to be able to see while driving, feel safe and proud to be driving your RV. Along with other substances, like tree sap and dirt, bird poop and insect innards can harm the clear coat that protects the RV'S paint. Maybe find a special wax or solution that will help to dust or clean the RV between rentals without washing? Best of luck!

Thanks, I certainly didn't indicate I'd let it get that dirty with bird poop etc, but I rent it weekly and it doesn't get that dirty between rentals - obviously we'd keep the windows clean and the vehicle safe.

Weekend warrior II

Last summer we were in a water watch and when people came to pick up I apologized and explained.  No one had any issues.  I would think anyone from the area would understand.