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RV Trackers

Weekend warrior

For those of you tracking your RV while rented (and in case of theft, etc.), who are you using and how is that working out for you?

Up until now, all of our rentals to date have been local - none more than 4-5 days, so we've not really had much concern over the camper going anywhere other than where the renter's said. 

Until that one time the renters were cagey about the "private property" they were boondocking on and didn't want to specify. The camper came back late (it was stuck and they needed a tractor to pull it out) and filthy (mud on the roof!). So we began looking at solutions. We're planning to have something installed by the end of the month, as our renter is planning a cross-country trip of about 2 weeks. 

We have experience with SPOT trackers (I ride motorcycles - used to be long distance) and tracking using SPOT and phone location devices, so we know the value of these. We're just wondering about the experiences (benefits and pitfalls) of other owners in the community.

We went with the RV solution:



Day-tripper III

I use KYCS Locate and it’s App. So far it tracks well gives all info for speed direction etc. 

Weekend warrior

There are many that you can plug into the OBD port for drivables. And they make 12v ones that you can use for towables. 

Personally I like the ones that you can hardwire into the 12v system so that they can’t unplug it from the OBD port.  

Weekend warrior

Our tracker worked great on the test weekend. This week the camper leaves for almost 3 weeks, so we look forward to seeing how that goes.

Hi, how has that gpsandtrack worked out for you? Does it give real time reporting and also history. I'm curious about its accuracy and if it shows the current MPH and also in the history, ya know, all the good stuff. I know some trackers have delays when you take a peek to make sure all is okay. I have 3 RVs in the Miami, FL area I need to cover and I don't really like out of state and festival rentals.  Thank you in advance. 🙂