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RV rental insurance for a class A motor home


Hello RV owners. We have a class A motor home registered in New York State. We put the RV in the outdoorsy rental program. We had someone who submitted a rental request. We accepted the request and both parties agreed to all terms. Concerning the insurance for the rental we were informed that NY state will not allow Outdoorsy to provide insurance for the renters to use the RV. We’ve both checked with our insurance companies and they do not provide insurance for RV rentals. I see on Outdoorsy’s website that there are many other class A’s and C’s located in NY state. If there are any other owners with those type of RV’s that have encountered a similar problem how did they resolve it. Is there an insurance company that offers the insurance that I have missed in my research. Any information would be very helpful and appreciated. Hope someone has an answer. Thank you


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there! Because of New York laws Outdoorsy is unable to supply insurance for rentals, unfortunately :(. Most people that have their rigs listed in New York have their own commercial policies. Many people use MBA  for this. In some situations, a renter is able to get a binder from their insurance company. I wish it was easier for our owners and renters in New York! I hope this helps a bit.