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RV Mechanics


I’ve been renting my rv out this year more than last year and there is a lot of maintenance that goes with it.  I can do the basics, but my question is, if your renter has an issue while your RV is rented, how do you handle that situation?  I’m trying to build a network of rv mechanics, but they are so few and far between, it’s near impossible to build a contact list.

I feel bad for renters when the solution is just tow it to a shop and hope it can get fixed in a few days to a week.  Most vacations are a week.  What do you all do?


Day-tripper II

There are mobile RV maintenance companies. We like the one we use, but they can get pricey. Service call fee plus hours on the task plus parts if needed. Just had one where the renter told the repair guy nope everything is ok and sent him away only to call me and complain again the next day. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@RVExplorer always good to have some contacts that can help give advice with an issue that a renter might be able to solve with some direction. For larger issues Outdoorsy rentals will include roadside assistance. You can check out this recording for reference: AMA recording - Coach-Net roadside assistance

Day-tripper II

I have friends who also are owners, during their pre-screening process they ask where the renters are traveling to; and try to look up some resources for the renters upon arrival so that they are prepared, and the Owners verified those repair type places or mobile rv contact.  They have a new rig - so they have minimal issues - however it was a good suggestion they gave to us - and now for you all 🙂