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Responding to a Potential Renter


I am super brand new and just received my very first rental request.  I am not sure how to respond.  Do you ask the renter questions about their vehicle and trip?  Do you just say that your unit is available and move forward with the process?

Any advise would be super helpful


Community Manager
Community Manager

@WeBeTrippin Welcome and congrats on the first request! I would say to definitely ask some questions about the trip and vet your renters to your comfort level. It looks like yours is a trailer, some common ones I've seen are: 

1) What is your tow vehicle make, model, year, & tow capacity/payload 

2) Number of people (kids & adults).

3) Pets 

4) Experience camping and towing in an RV. What have you pulled before and how much?

5) Destination and all stops (will you have water/electric/both?)

6) Preferred camper pickup/dropoff times

Day-tripper III

I have done both!  In the beginning I asked a lot more questions of my renters then I do now.  I have become more comfortable and trust the process.  I use Instant Book so often times there is no communication prior to the booking.  I used to be an Outdoorsy renter and this feature was important to me then, and as an owner I can say it's how most of my renters book.  My listing is very comprehensive, and outlines everything I expect from my renters.  Over time, as they asked questions, I revised my listing to provide the answers.  I have made a word document with email responses, so it's easy to cut and paste what I want to say, without having to remember all the information each time. 

Here's a sample of one response:

Thank you for booking The Crab Shack!

This rig is very easy to drive, and only takes about an hour to set-up camp! 

Are you headed to a campsite with full-hook ups or are you planning to boondock?  Please tell me a little about your level of experience with RV’s so I can tailor our walk-through to meet your needs!  I can share  info on where to view videos to help you get familiar with motorhome operations, dumping, water and energy conservation, and how to communicate with your parking spotter.  If you are experienced, that is great too, and these short videos can be good refreshers!

The Rules of the Road outlines what is expected of renters.

I will try to make sure everything is perfect for your trip! Please let me know what questions you have, and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

I recommend doing the hour session with the Outdoorsy listing specialist if you haven't done so already.  It's invaluable, free and you can do as many sessions as you need to feel comfortable.