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Request by a potential renter



I am new to renting our RV.  I received a message from a potential renter wanting to come to see the RV before they book it.  Is this normal?  I am not sure I feel comfortable having people come to our house who have not paid to rent it.  Thoughts?



Personally, I would do it. As long as the renter was verified. It also gives you the opportunity to meet them and see what they are about.

Weekend warrior II

It's entirely up to you, like @Tphauser said, some owners like it because they get a chance to meet the potential renter first before committing to the reservation. You can definitely say no too.

We get this request too from time to time, and I just politely explain that renting our RV is something I do on the side (in addition to a full time job), and I don't have the spare time to set up separate tours in addition to all the work that goes into prep between rentals. I do offer the option of a video tour (using facetime or zoom) where I walk through and show them what they need virtually, and that is generally good enough for most renters.

On a somewhat related note, if you are uncomfortable with having renters come to your house, you might consider using a nearby public area (park, mall parking lot, etc...) to do your pickup/dropoff instead. We use a school parking lot that is close by, and I put the school's address into Outdoorsy for the RV's location. This way renters never actually get our home address, which gives us a bit more peace of mind if we ever have an issue with someone. This would also give you a place to meet potential renters if you did ever want to offer tours before confirming a booking.

Day-tripper III

we get that request occasionally. I try and accommodate it when we can but I explain what is available to see vs what they might want to rent. It helps folks get past anxiety over renting a "big" vehicle.