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Renting towing vehicle and trailer


We have a client that wants to rent both our trailer and tow vehicle but I can’t get anyone on outdoorsy (tried chatting and calling) to verify how we do it. It mentions to have it as an add-on but how then will insurance be covered? I have entered both the trailer and vehicle separately and both were approved for insurance. The instructions say to have the car covered, it must be on the same reservation. Does that mean just the same dates? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there! Sorry to hear customer support was unable to assist. You should list both your trailer and your tow vehicle separately (which it sounds like you have done this). Then you will add your trailer as on add-on for your tow vehicle. This package will be a considered a motorized package. Just make sure you list the trailer VIN in the description area of the add-on! Hope this makes sense. You can directly message me if you have any more questions.