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Renting in Winter (PNW)

Day-tripper II

Hey, all!

Has anyone successfully rented out their rigs in cold climates (specifically a Class C)?

What have you found works for you? Do you rent it winterized, with no water? To snow birds? I'm looking to get creative so the winter isn't dead.

Would love any of your advice, 

Thanks so much in advance!


Weekend warrior II

We rent our class C in the winter (based in Portland, OR). Luckily, our rig has tank heaters built in to keep the tanks from freezing if it drops below 32, so I make sure and cover the use of these with renters who have it in the winter.

I don't rent it winterized, as the process for de-winterizing it would be too much for your typical renter (most have never used an RV before). Instead, I give them a thorough explanation of how to keep things from freezing while they are using it (keep the furnace to a certain temperature, make sure the water heater is always on in camp, make sure the tank heater pads are always on).

We also strongly encourage our winter renters to avoid snow covered roads, as a heavy class C is not your ideal snow vehicle. Most of the renters we get in the winter months take trips to the coast, or to some of the lower elevation camping areas around salem/eugene. Those that want to tackle a mountain pass during their trip and go find some sunshine will usually rent for a longer period of time, and have more flexible travel plans so they can watch the pass roads and wait for a clear day.