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Renting from rural area


I live north of Houston in a rural area on my ranch.  I am probably 30 minutes from a decent size town (Conroe).
I really don't want strangers driving to my land, and I don't mind driving into a town to meet renters in a public area like a shopping center.  I also think my likelihood of getting renters increases by offering it in a more populated area.   What would be the best way to setup my location?  Should I just choose a commercial parking lot like a Kroger or something and use that address?  Open to any suggestions.  


Weekend warrior

That is pretty much what we do. There is a school just down the road from our house with a nice big parking lot that isn’t used much. I set the pickup address in Outdoorsy to the school, and make sure to let each renter know that they are meeting there. In our case it is just a short walk to our house from there (so I can walk back after dropoff). This makes it so we don’t have a bunch of people coming to our house all the time. It should work fine in your area, and like you said, you will likely have better luck getting rentals if your rig shows up in town when renters are searching.

We are also rural and don't want a bunch of people coming to our house. Not to mention our driveway is extremely steep and need a 4X4 to get the camper out. We will have to find a good place to meet in town for the dropoff.