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Renter wants to use their insurance


I just had an inquire from a potential RV renter who wants to use their USAA insurance to cover their trip in our van. They currently use it for their RV but it is not functioning so they want to rent ours.  

Is this even possible?

How can we be sure that our RV is covered?

Does it have an effect on the "verified" status of the driver?

Thank you in advance for your advice in this as we are very, very, very new at this business.


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Hey there! Currently there is no way for a renter to use their own insurance. Every booking is required to have Outdoorsy insurance during the rental period. The only way this would be possible is if they failed driver verification or if your vehicle could not be approved for insurance. 

Weekend warrior

I've had this question quite a few times from different potential renters. My response has always been that Outdoorsy requires the included insurance coverage, and we aren't able to remove it.

Even if that were to change at some point in the future, I still wouldn't allow it for my unit. The potential headaches that would arise from trying to file claims and get paid for damages using someone else's insurance seems like a nightmare.