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Renter wants to tow with my rig


A renter has asked if I allow towing with my rig. I have a tow hitch that has a 5,000 lb rating, but I've never had a renter ask to tow a small trailer before. They have experience driving RVs and towing as well. Have you had experience with this? Do you add an additional fee? Increase the security deposit? Does insurance cover towing? Thanks in advance!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Kris10! Great questions! You are welcome to allow guests to tow something with your vehicle and you can have an additional fee (add-on) for this option too. As far as insurance the guest may tow something behind the rented vehicle with your permission.  Should damage occur, the rented vehicle would be reviewed for coverage, but whatever is being towed behind would not be covered. The renter would need to provide their own coverage for the trailer.