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Renter’s point of view

Day-tripper II

First and foremost, a big thanks to everyone on here who were gracious enough to let others get a taste of camping.  

I’ve rented a few times on here before buying my own unit. I listed some of my common headaches from a renter’s perspective.

1. For the love of everything, keep your calendar up to date. That how I would search for rentals. I’d submit everything and wait with baited breath for the owner just to say- “heh, sorry about that. It’s already rented for that date”

2. I know you have every right to refuse a rental request, but please be honest. The whole “it’s in the shop” gets pretty old quick. How about something like “ I don’t feet comfortable with this transaction”.  That way I’m not asking every few weeks about it

3. The devil is in the details when it comes to your post. Make sure the hitch weight, GVWR, amenities are accurate to the best of your abilities. I’m tired of  seeing fifth wheel trailers with a GVWR of 2200lbs . Its your fancy rig on the line. I would at the very least make sure the weights are correct so I, as a renter know my rig is capable of bringing it back in one piece.


End of rant. Thanks for listening 


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We love to hear your have your own unit now! Thank you for this feedback. These are some awesome tips to keep in mine 🙂