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Renter's Manual


I'm trying to create a manual for our renters and I found that Outdoorsy has one linked within a blog post but it is password protected. I have requested the password but have not heard anything. Does anyone have an example you wouldn't mind sharing or have access to that document to pass it along? Thanks in advance!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Camp2Connect, I'd like to see what we can do to help. Can you possibly share the link to that blog post and direct me to the section where the manual you found is linked?  I am not OP but I am having the same problem. Above is the link to the blog post. Under step 3 and the end of the paragraph is this sentence "Kathleen Oliver’s guide is a good example of photo usage. You can download a PDF of her RV Renter’s Manual here." that link doesn't work

@Camp2Connect @Jasmine818 thanks for sharing this with us. We've made some changes to the permissions. Go ahead and give it a try and if it's still not working for you please let us know. 

Hi.  I have been trying to download the PDF but have had no success.  Is it possible for it to be emailed?

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Hi! That link should be good to go. I also recommend taking a look at Touch Stay Digital Guidebooks. These are going to be much better! We even have a recorded Ask Me Anything on it. 


@Camp2Connect if you find any good examples please share. I'm working on putting one together right now as well. I haven't found anything specifically for RV rentals but have going off of articles on building AirBnB welcome books. 


I also couldn't open that link, I've started one here and will update this as I go. This is the first draft, it'll be pretty different in a week or so.



I too can't get to that link. I request access but haven't heard back. I'm making my booklet this morning. I'll post mine here later. I'm gleaming design ideas from wherever I find them on the internet.


love to see an example