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Renter Refusing to Return Motorhom


Looking for some direction and to see if this has happened to someone else...

Long story short, I had a couple rent my Class A motorhome from Wednesday to Friday (first time renting it out). They were going to drive starting on Thursday morning from Michigan to Alabama, visit some family and return on Friday. I thought this was weird as its a 1200 mile trip total there and back and explained to the couple that it was due back by 11am on Friday as I was leaving on vacation that afternoon. Couple agreed, did a walk through, everything was fine and they left.

On Friday at 3pm, over four hours after they were scheduled to return, the renter reached out and stated she had had issues with the motorhome on her drive down and was refusing to return it as she had no drivers available to her and I was to figure out how to pick it from her home in Alabama. Roadside assistance was called and there is nothing wrong with the vehicle. 

I can't get the police involved because its a civil matter and we have a contract (believe me I tried), which means they won't help escort me to her home so I can get the keys from her. I cannot safely go to her home and demand the keys from her and I do not have a spare set (stupidity on my part), so I can't drive it back up here nor can I pay someone else to do it. She is refusing calls from Outdoorsy and from me. Any ideas on what I can do at this point? She is financially responsible for all that is happening but I am sure that will involve legal things, but in the meantime my motorhome is 12 hours away.


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Found a kind of related post to this topic:

I'll have to remember to watch for strange rental requests like this.  Thanks for sharing. 

I guess to add, I would track every penny of what it costs you to return the motorhome to your home.  I am curious if outdoorsy would help with this as the rental company. 

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I'm not a lawyer, but this is how I would handle this: Your motorhome is stolen the minute it's not returned as agreed to where you agreed - at that point your contract was null-and-void. You are not a rental company, Outdoorsy is, and the payments and contracts go through them. Right now, someone has your property without permission (why don't you have a spare set of keys again?) Call the police. Give them all the info. Tell them only that you rented it, it was not returned, and you cannot get it. Make out a report for Grand Theft Auto in your jurisdiction AND theirs. I imagine you'll be more wary next time.

Curious, tho. Why can't you go get the keys? Is Outdoorsy only calling, not doing anything else?

Sadly, (in Oregon atleast) if you hand the keys over to somebody it is not theft. Even if they never return your property. It becomes a civil case. This happens all the time. It's very sad but if you go to make a police report and you say that you gave the keys to that individual even with an agreed return time it is not theft. You literally have to say someone came in your driveway and took your rig. Which of course no one in their right mind would say to an officer unless it's true LOL

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@Ryoukoe I'm truly sorry to hear that this is going on. It looks like you've been in contact with our teams and working towards getting this resolved. If you need anything else be sure to reach out to those teams that you've been in contact with.