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Renter parking their car at my house?

Day-tripper II

Hi, being new to RV renting, I've had several renters ask to allow them to park their car at my house while they have my RV.  I normally use a Target shopping center for departure and returns but I did agree to the first request, and it worked out well.  I also felt even more secure about getting my RV back in good shape since their car was here. However, I still have some concerns.

My questions are: 1. Should I be concerned about liability insurance for their vehicle while it's on my property? 2. Should I even allow this? 3. If I do, should I be charging for it as an add-on? 4. Does anyone else allow this with your rentals?

Thanks for any insight...


Weekend warrior II

We get this request on a fairly regular basis, and I have always turned it down for a few reasons:

  1. We also choose to do pickups and dropoffs at a public parking lot, specifically to avoid having renters come and go from our home. Having them drive their car and park at our place would defeat the purpose a bit.
  2. As you said, the liability of having someone else's car on your property could become an issue if something happens to it, and we didn't want the added complexity.

I'm not a lawyer, so I can't speak to exactly what the possible ramifications would be. If you choose to allow it though, I would (at a minimum) put together a separate contract for renters to sign stating that you are not liable for damages, theft, etc... while they are parked there, and that the renter will have to go through their own auto insurance to get repairs if something happens.

I guess it's up to you, and how much work you want to take on. I'm sure that most people would be reasonable if a situation came up, but if someones car was damaged on your lot and they chose to make it an issue, even with a signed contract you could be looking at additional headache.

I'm curious if anyone else on this forum has any experience or expertise that could help clarify?

Day-tripper II

Thanks, JordonB, I appreciate your thoughts.

I was also thinking that since I have the space on my property, I could lease space to someone, and they could use that space to store anything in that space they choose. I could have a storage lease agreement that spells out all the details of the use of the space and that they alone would be responsible for anything they choose to store in that space. This I think would be just like the space leasing for RV storage.  The only difference I see is that it would be for a number of days rather than months. I've used storage facilities before, and their agreements are pretty one-sided, in favor of the property owner.