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Renter Insurance?

Day-tripper II

I've just noticed tonight that when i send a quote the $59 insurance is automatically selected.

Has the insurance gone up?

Is this the new minimum?

I think it was a better system letting the renter select which package they want during the booking process.


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Hi there, 

When the owner sends a quote it defaults to the middle package, but Customer Support can change it down to the lesser tier if that is what a renter wants. Insurance has gone up a bit (between $2-$5) depending on the actual cash value of the rig. Hope this helps! 

Weekend warrior

Is there no option to REQUIRE the most coverage?

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No there is not. It is completely up to the renter what package they pay for. It is in their best interest to have the most coverage because that means a lower deductible etc, but at the end of the day, if damages occur, that renter will still be on the hook for the cost. 

Day-tripper II

I guess you can communicate with renters which insurance level you require and then don’t accept if they’re not ok with that? 

Day-tripper II

I suggest looking at it from renters' point of view, just in general a good practice, but particularly eye opening to read renter reviews on this topic.

Where do you find renter reviews?


I have had quite a few renters turn down my quote cause if insurance. In my case the default insurance that gets added is $85/day. In most cases renters do not know that they lower the insurance and its a hard sell from their on to convince the renter to change the insurance package. 

Day-tripper III

My concern would be if the renter is taking my rig out with state minimums for liability.  I know that as an owner I'm covered with OD's $1 million liability, but in the event of a bad accident, they're going after the driver first.  If that driver only has state minimums, then you can pet your bottom dollar you're getting sued, and that million $$$ had better be enough.  I always require my renters to have the $1 million in liability coverage, because that basically gives you a $2 million cushion before your personal / business assets are at risk.