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Renter Clogs toilet how much is fair to charge


2020 5th wheel was rented for 19 days and delivered to a site for the stay. 10 days into the rental they contact me that the black tank is full and won't drain when opening the valve. I trouble shoot and come to the site to attempt to clear. Nothing I do works. I call a RV mechanic which charges $175. He clears the clog and states it's toilet paper. He cleans the tank and leaves. THE NEXT day the renter calls and says it's clogged again. RV mechanic sends a pic and video of toilet paper again causing the clog. In order to clear the clog the underbelly had to be cut. 

Obviously I should charge $350 for 2 trips by the Tech. What's fair for my time coming to the site? What should I charge for having to replace the underbelly section? 



In my opinion, unless you've attached an addendum detailing your fees (e.g., mileage, time), you're open to having any deduction for your efforts contested.  Professional invoices are easy to deduct; your time and travel becomes murky.

Weekend warrior II

Unfortunately Outdoorsy doesn't let you charge for your own time and effort, that is just considered part of your responsibility as an owner. Yes, you are good to charge $350 for the RV Mechanic, and you would be good to take it to an RV shop and charge whatever they need to repair the underbelly (make sure to save invoices for both). If you decide to do the repair work yourself instead of taking it to a shop, all you can do is charge for materials needed to do the repair, because you can't charge for personal time (again, save receipts).

I'm not totally sure if you can charge for your own gas to get to and from the site. Save your gas receipts just in case, but I would contact Outdoorsy support and see what they say about that one.

Day-tripper III

You can charge a reasonable administrative fee.  Going forward, put a mileage and dispatch fee in your SRR.