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Rental demand

Day-tripper II

Good day,  hope this message finds you all well. I'm currently looking into buying a class C RV. The question I have is, what is the best size and sleeping capacity I should be looking at for renting out.  Which one would you guys recommend? 


Weekend warrior II

Check out this post from a few weeks ago, and see my response at the bottom for some of the things we noticed after having rented our Class C for a while.

Day-tripper II

It's all up to you. We did not want a RV that had sleeping for a lot of guests. So, we bought a unit with front entertainment. More guest, more work. Luckly with Outdoorsy, age of unit only applies to the park you go to. Early 2000's are less expensive so, we went with a 2006 Winnebago, Outlook. I worked in the RV business for years and maintain our unit well.

Would this be for personal use only?  Or mainly used as a rental?  Many markets are over saturated and have been hit hard by inflation.  Personally I would not be getting into the rental business right now without doing a TON of research,  I suggest you do a search for rigs in your area, see how many are being rented, how much they are renting for.  If you are buying one for personal use, I would buy the best fit for you. 

Good day , thank you for your reply . This would be strictly for rental .  We are located in GA . Currently have a class B and is doing well with the rental . In fact  I’ve turned down more than 10 rentals because our class b has been rented during the request .