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Rental contract


Hello. I am a little confused here. Do the renters sign any kind of contract or rental agreement when they rent or do we need to have our own rent agreement?  If we need our own, can anyone send me samples so I can use them as a guide to create one? Please and thank you!


Community Manager
Community Manager

@Jthomas93 yes, when renters book their rental with you through Outdoorsy they will sign a rental agreement. You’ll find the Rental Agreement (which populates at booking), Return Form, and Departure Form in your Owner Dashboard. Some owners will create one of their own and add the details of that into the "Rules of the Road" section of their listing. Hope this helps, and as a new host be sure to read over the two links I've attached below.

Outdoorsy Owner Handbook

Outdoorsy terms and conditions

Kameron, I was also confused as during key exchange it says to send to renter to sign. Do we as the renters have to print out all paperwork to have them sign contracts? Can they sign like I do through the app? Thank you! Shawna 

@SeanandShawna no renters shouldn't need to print anything. It will all be up to the owner on what copies they'd like to have. 

Hello Kameron, 

Thank you. I just want to get it right. I do print everything and the renter is able to keep anything they’d like. My renters never print anything but my question was about collecting a signature through the app after I’ve already signed the contract. I can’t see where they’ve signed and they say that they have signed but can’t submit it through the app? Confusing 

My first question was incorrect, I meant me as the owner. Sorry about that! Shawna


Wondering how long after a rental we need to keep hard copies of the Booking Receipt, Departure Form, and Return Form if no claim is submitted?

Hey there @bendadventureva! We recommend keeping the paperwork at least as long as a dispute or claim is in process. After that time period, 60-90 days should be sufficient. Some owners will also keep scans (or photos) of these documents for longer!