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Rental Agreement


Hello. Does any one use a rent agreement in addition to the one on Outdoorsy? I have an Airbnb and after talking with a lawyer about renting my home to short term guests, I was enlightened by the amount to liability I was exposed to. Airbnb does a great job of protecting me, but there are a lot of things I found out that could help protect me by using a seperate rental agreement. The last thing I want is something to happen and have a renter come after everything I own. I already but the camper in an LLC, but do I need to have a separate rental agreement to add an extra layer of protection? Is anyone using one? Does anyone have a lawyer that might specialize in something like this? TIA


Community Manager
Community Manager

@pbrepp I've seen that many owners do have an additional SRA (Supplemental Rental Agreement) of their own that they use. I'm sure some other owners will chime in here soon with their thoughts and how they got theirs. 

How might I get one of these SRA's you speak about?


What sorts of liability and things do you include in your sra?


Is any owner(s) willing to share their "sra"?