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Rental agreement?


Does anyone have a standard rental agreement they're willing to share? This will be my first rental and looking to make things as smooth as possible with the greatest amount of confidence. 




Weekend warrior

I provide renters with a copy of their Outdoorsy RV Rental Agreement.  I'm not sure if that's what you are looking for. 

Jim, do you print it out and leave it with them? Also, do you keep the signed portion for your own records?

I am working towards paperless. All my docs are collated in individual guest folders on my cloud account. I work through Apple’s ecosphere. It is easy for me and I can get access to files from any device which helps if I’m not at home and need to reference something.

I save PDF copies of all docs regardless of what app or software I’ve used to create them. This enables me the ability to use my iPad to mark them/sign them.  So they’re essentially electronic copies of each document. A stylus is used by me and my guests when they arrive. Those auto-save. So, when the guest arrives for pickup I can have my part of those documents filled out and can direct them where they need to sign. I have a self-made holding tank document they sign. I have an inventory list they can sign, that also has replacement costs for most onboard items.  My personal business docs are all saved as templates so that I can grab a copy and place it in the guests folder with their information easily.

All of my Outdoorsy documents and my businesses documents are copied onto an email to the guest once they are filled out completely by the guest and myself.  They then have copies of all of those documents, signed. I produce a hard copy of the insurance and contact information for me in the camper.