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Questions about the deposit, insurance, roadside


I am new to Outdoorsy. I am confused about the site. Maybe I am missing something but it's hard to find answers to questions and that's why I am posting in the forum. I have a potential renter who wants to know how long it takes to get their deposit back? So I am asking how long does it take for them to get their deposit back? 
I have had lot's of inquiries that I have approved but no final bookings. I think it's because of the insurance requirements. As a host how do I get renters to finish with their insurance requirements and where can I also see what the insurance requirements are and what documents need to be provided to Outdoorsy? Again the Outdoorsy website is vague.
Another question I get is roadside assistance. What is included with roadside assistance and which insurance package includes roadside assistance?

Thanks for any answers!



Day-tripper II

Hello, I can answer the deposit question. It typically takes 5-7 days for a renter to get the deposit back, assuming you've released it upon completion of the rental. 

Thank you very much!

Community Manager
Community Manager

@1popeman welcome to Outdoorsy!

Here's some helpful material about roadside and insurance: 

Hope this helps!


Thank you!