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Question on Charges to Renters


My renter returned my hybrid camper yesterday and was EXTREMLY late, which I am ok with, however I did tell them that I have a renter the next day so would need it back by 3pm. They showed up at 7pm. 

The finally shared with me about an hour out that they had lost the keys to the trailer. 

Luckily I had an extra set to everything but the lock and pin on the hitch. They went to Home Depot and used bolt cutters to take that off and replaced it with something else. Great. 

However when they got back the plug fell off and skidded on the road, now ai have to replace that plug. I can do it myself , but my question is


Do owners charge for time and labor. For example having to go to 2 different stores to get the new keys made, including replacing a lock on the battery compartment because I can't find anyone to redo that key. 

the time it is going to take to rewire the new plug. 

because I have another renter coming today I don't have the time or the store open to do the plug, so while it works it isn't the best experience for the new renter. 


Any advice on this?





Community Manager
Community Manager

@delanareilly I'm sure other owners will chime in on this, but from what I've seen most would charge for time, labor, and parts either through the security deposit or a blanket fee.

Day-tripper II

I would charge for anything that you can prove. This is not an educated piece of advice. I'm just going through it because of a renter right now and I chose to only charge for the things I can prove. Even though I really want to charge for all of the time and energy I've had to put in. Time I've had to take off work to get the trailer to the repairman Etc in time for my next rental. Instead of charging for all that I made sure to add the 2.95% credit processing fee that will be taken from your claim. When you go to take babies out of their deposit make sure you add however much the 2.95% fee is. I say this because I feel like if I had added in other things such as my time spent and time off work then my renter is likely to turn around and dispute the charges and make this a much longer more agonizing situation. I'm sorry this happened to you I'm going through it like I said and it sucks

That was supposed to say fees not babies LOL

Weekend warrior

The key is communication. I'm very up-front with our guests. If you break it, you have the option of making me whole yourself OR I'll just get it out of your deposit. Go further than that, and I'll get your insurance also. Up to now I've only had to get into one deposit. That said, it was a pain and I didn't get everything out of the work I put in - but I improved the camper and I don't need to charge the careless guest for something they won't get to enjoy.

You have to factor in your time and effort into your rental price. There is a lot of non-fee work I do, and the rental price reflects all the overhead. Or else renting just isn't worth it. You may want to add $20 to your daily rental to cover those additional efforts and your time.


One of the things that I've recently added is an SRA (Supplemental Rental Agreement). One of the bullet items in that agreement is that I've added an administrative fees, in the case I have to go around getting the keys copied. This way I don't have to prove my time and labor. I have the administrative fees and the cost of the new set of keys that I will charge the renter. Hope this helps.