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Qualified Inspectors


Is there suggested guidance on who is a 90-day approved Quality Inspector? Would this just be a Mercedes Benz shop if it's a MB Sprinter? Thanks.


Weekend warrior II

I would suggest that you do as much of what is on the 90 day inspection as you feel comfortable with and then have a shop do anything that you cannot.  


Weekend warrior
  • We have a 29' travel trailer and we only deliver (we offer others to tow, but no one wants to tow in our area, everyone wants delivery). We do the easy inspections ourselves, then have a local RV place do what we don't feel comfortable signing off on and we *always* have a local tire place check our wheels and alignment. We tend to do half boondocking/dry camping and half RV campgrounds and/or resorts. Because of how often we deliver to boondock/dry camping areas (typically rougher roads), we tend to have our wheels and alignment checked more than every 90 days to be extra careful. 

Weekend warrior II

We also have a MB Sprinter based RV. There are a handful of checks on the 90 day inspection form that relate to the non-coach stuff (engine, transmission, steering, suspension, brakes) that are all handled by the Mercedes dealership. They will check all of this via their complimentary inspection that all vehicles get whenever they go in for routine service.