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Providing Brake Controller


I noticed when filling out the listing that there is a section for providing a trailer brake controller. Is it a common thing to provide that? I would think most newer trucks come equipped with this(mine did 2017). If the renter does not have this, would it be safe to turn them loose with the camper? Has anyone else ran into this issue?


Weekend warrior II

You would actually be surprised that some still don’t have it. I don’t provide one - though I have a wireless Bluetooth one as an emergency back up.  I picked it up off of fb marketplace cheap.  When I’m initially talking with renters I advise of what’s required - 2” receiver, 7 pin connection, electric brakes.  

Thank you so much for the information! This is a huge help! I will probably pick up a wireless bluetooth brake controller and will definitely include the requirements for future renters.