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Protip: Avoid using Mechanical Issues as a cancellation reason


My RV recently blew a hydraulic line while out on a rental.  As a precaution I reached out to the next renter to let them know there was a mechanical issue and I wasn't sure if I could get it fixed in time.  I cancelled the reservation and used the Mechanical Issue.

I paid quite a bit extra to have a mobile RV tech come out and refab the line and fix the issue.  When I went to rebook the RV it was permanently blocked from re-booking for the period of the cancelation.  

I reached out to customer support and they could not unblock the calendar. If I had cancelled a month long booking I would not have been able to book my RV on Outdoorsy for the entire period of the cancelled rental.  Crazy.

TL:DR; Never use "Mechanical Issues" as a cancellation reason.  Customer Support gave me that guidance.



I did not know this. Great advice. Thank you!