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Pricing your RV


Any advice on pricing our RV?  Its a 2017 Thor Vegas, Class A, 26 footer.  Outdoorsy recommended a number that was very high, but I priced it at $225.  I'm thinking of lowering it to $195 in case people are searching below $200. 

Seems expensive, but I'm aware of how much maintenance, fees, taxes, insurance, wear and tear that its going to take. 

Just feel really blind, hoping the community can assure me in one direction or another.

Thank you!





Where are you located? 

Ours 2021 is priced at 140 per night. I get just enough interest in it and a few bookings so far--we just joined this site about 2 weeks ago, and had our first booking last weekend. I have had some ask about a lower price, but we deliver and set up and provide everything for a true "glamping" experience. 

I think it comes down to where you are located. 

Weekend warrior II

Run a search on Outdoorsy for rigs in your area that are similar (search without dates specified to show everything), to see what others are priced at and adjust accordingly. When you are just starting, you don't have any reviews or feedback, so it can be helpful to price your RV a little bit lower than everyone else to get your first few bookings, then raise it up over time.

@TravisMullenwe price our class C right at $195 for that exact reason, lots of renters set a $200 filter when they first start looking. Again, it depends on what others are doing in your area, because you don't want to be way too high or way too low, but that price worked really well for us.

Thank you so much @JordanB!  Just adjusted it accordingly!  Hopefully that helps us get it rented!  Just started a couple weeks ago, but had it higher at $225, just lowered it to $175, no bookings yet. 

No problem, good luck. If you haven't already, you may want to attend one of Outdoorsy's "Listing optimization" webinars here:

Price is definitely an important factor, but there are other ways to improve your listing to make renters notice you too.