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Prep Fees... what are those?

Day-tripper II

Hi everyone,

Newbie here and curious about the new "prep fees". Do you use them, and if so - what are those? Aren't they included in the rental price? Seems a little strange, no?



Day-tripper II

To my understanding, they are the 1 time cost or fee to prep the Rv for the rental period. I personally don’t use them. I just figured out how much I want to make, divided by the time it takes to complete 1 rental cycle, plus expenses like tp, paper towels etc. and then compared to similar vehicles as mine. That way there is no hidden fees or extra charges. The renter pays the nightly rent and they are happy.

I agree. That cost should be already worked into the rental fee.

Curious how you calculate expenses if you don't mind? This is our very first month (and trailer), so brand spanking new to the whole rental world. Yet to rent it out, but willing to learn.

Sorry for late response. I used to run a RV repair facility, so its kind of in my nature to figure stuff like that out.  Basically I just guessed at what a renter would use per day, propane, tp, paper towels etc. determined the cost of the items and then just went backwards.  Looked at other rigs like mine and then priced a little low to drive up rent outs and reviews. Ive almost got 5 completed rent outs, so im compiling my data to get more accurate numbers.  For instance 1 rental was a week long.  So I pulled that LP take and took it down and had it filled and wrote down the number of gallons and price. Took gallons used divided by days rented, this gives me gallons per day. Figured out the cost per day and put that into my matrix.  Ill do this over the next year and it will give me an average LP used per day over the year. I will then be able to track my profits vs costs. Hope this was helpful.

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Hi there! Some owners have required add on's such as cleaning fees, dump fees, etc. So instead of having a number of different fees they are all included in this prep fee. If you don't want to add any prep fees you can change the prep fee in the “pricing” section of the edit listing page. Hope this helps 🙂 

I would rather have that as an option for after the rental, giving the clients a chance to do it themselves if they so prefer. Especially when it comes to dump fees.

Thank you for clarifying!

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Hi there! This can be an option as well. You can have your prep fee be zero. Then if a renter doesn't clean, dump tanks, etc. you can take these charges out of the security deposit after the rental.