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Pet friendly renting

Day-tripper II

Hello all!  So we have a renter who would like to have a pet.  We have a no pet policy but in this case, its cohesive.  What do you all charge as a daily rate for pets, if anything, and how do we verify pet damage will be covered under the Outdoorsy rental policy while they’re out on vacation?  TIA


Weekend warrior II

So for us, we charge a $50 per fee and increase the deposit by $250.  Any interior damage is never covered - no matter who/what causes it.  You could require them to get the interior protection plan which covers up to $1500 in interior damages and costs $69 for the renter.  

Day-tripper II

We no longer charge a pet fee. Our experience has been that children cause much more damage than pets. We have two rules for pets: 1) No pets on the beds. 2) Do not leave pets in the camper unattended.

Weekend warrior II

That’s the truth for sure! Pretty much all of our interior damages have been from kids. Renters with pets have typically been great. I like your two pet rules as well.

This is so funny!! Our only damages (so far) have been from the adults! The kids and pets have been stellar!! lol!!