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Owners manual/instruction guide


Does anyone have their own owner manual or instruction manual they give to renters? What do you do if something breaks or stops working while they are renting? I.e. gas stops. I want to put together our own instruction manual to explain how our trailer works. But I also want them to understand it’s a trailer and things can go wrong and break but it’s out of our control. 



I actually put together a little manual for my renters! I tried to include instructions and tips that I learned after taking the trailer out myself the first few times. I put it in terms that someone unfamiliar with trailer would understand. I don’t k ow if you have ever tried to READ the manuals included with new trailers but they are NOT user friendly. So I set up my manual to be just that! 🙂 My first renter LOVED it. 

Would you mind sharing an electronic version of your manual?

Would that be something you are willing to share?  If so is it in a shareable format?  I need a jumping off point to build one for ours.

Thank you


Weekend warrior

I put Touchstay guestbooks together for my RVs. My key exchanges last between 5-20 minutes because of it. 

As far as things going wrong while they’re out on their trip, you’ve got to be familiar with the RV inside and out before letting renters take it. You’re never going to get a mobile RV mechanic or roadside assistance to your renters within a couple of hours, so you’re going to have to be knowledgeable about what to do if things go sideways. 

Is this something you are willing to share? I have a touchstay account and looking for a jumping off point. I've happy to Venmo you $10 for your effort. Thanks

Sure am i able to attach it here or via email

Mine is hard copy however not a link 

Hi I am also working on a manual for our travel trailer. Does anyone have one that they created and would be willing to share or link? Thank you

I don’t care to share but it is a hard copy not a link.  I am new to this and it will still need some tweaking.  Just let me know an email to send it to.

Thank you Eve -

We are also exploring our manual and dont my $ for examples to get us going. Thanks in advance!


Overall if anyone has one that they don't mind sharing that would be great. It would give us a really good point of reference on where to go. This can get pretty detailed pretty quick. lol Thanks in advance!