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Outdoorsy Not Allowed to Rent In CA State Parks

Weekend warrior

We’re currently waiting for renters to finish heading out of our RV so we can do our part and tow away. While waiting, a ranger came by and began asking the renters a bunch of questions about if they were in a rental and who the company was. He told them it was Outdoorsy and the ranger proceeded to tell them no company was allowed to rent in California state parks except one local one. 

Then he started to get upset with us and told us we weren’t allowed to be here and never to come back with Outdoorsy. He also started making phone calls and took a picture of our license plate and told us we’d be getting a fine.

 Has anyone else experienced this and how can we fight it? Or can we?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Clan_Graham. I am sorry to hear about this inconvenience. I will reach out to our product team to see what I can find out on our end regarding state parks in California.

Thank you!

Weekend warrior II

This is state law - - there are only 5 authorized companies that can deliver.  

Weekend warrior II

Ugh sorry to hear that @Clan_Graham, you guys seem to have bad luck when it comes to parks hassling you about delivery!

Based on the link VagabondKaren sent above, there are vendors that are "approved contract providers" for California state parks. I wonder what the odds are for Outdoorsy becoming an approved vendor?

Yeah, that’s my hope. 🤞🏼 

Outdoorsy is not a vender - they are just a platform and each person is in charge of their own rentals, essentially.  Each individual owner would probably need to get authorized. 

Oh my! We just do this on the side for fun. That’sa but much. We’ll probably just nix the SPs, which sucks because our area has so many. 

Sorry for the type-is on that. My phone won’t let me edit 🤷🏻‍♀️ 


If you read the State Park link above, the regulation is for delivery and set up inside the park. I don’t believe there is a problem with driving the rental in. 

If you look at the last line - in bold - it states “no other RV vendors will be permitted to deliver RV’s into the campground”.  So to me that means that you cannot deliver - whether or not you actually set up - into a CA state park.


@Clan_Graham was interested in the status on this? BTW, I also wonder what community manager found out @Cailey ?

@ericwashere Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find more info than what @VagabondKaren shared in the link above. I passed along the issue to our product team and hopefully we can come up with a solution to the issue but it sounds like this is state law in CA