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Our Renter's Site was Occupied by Squatters!

Weekend warrior

Has this ever happened to anyone else before??

I'd like to know how others handled it. This is what I did:

As the park rangers were working on getting them out (I could see there was NO way anyone was home and there was even LESS of a chance that they could get their camp broken down, cleaned up, and headed out in the 27 minutes that they had before we needed to start set-up for our upcoming renter's arrival, one hour later), I asked for a map of the park, showing us the EXACT spots that were full hook-up and still available.

We ended up (after a 45 minute on-foot search) finding a suitable (if not better, tbh) spot, but man--- I won't get into the detail of how difficult it was to get into that spot because of external complications.

Either way, I'm wondering if others have experienced this and if so, how did you handle it? If this campground didn't HAPPEN to have extra campsites available, would our renters have been screwed???

I have to admit, I was worried for them (but was equally willing to go to bat for them and make sure they were protected!!)

But I know that may not always be the case. Advice, suggestions, and personal experiences would be so appreciated on this one! Thanks, all!!

We truly appreciate the community help offered here at Outdoorsy!



Day-tripper II

My wife and I are Oregon State Park host. Most parks have sites for host, and maintenance host. Thay also have a site for host traveling from one park to another to spend the night during their travels. We kept this site available until 6:30 pm and then let anyone use it after that.

Thanks, @dgavin! I'll keep that in mind if this ever happens again! I was really worried that our renters were going to be left high and dry. I'm happy to know that in the most extreme circumstances, we may have a way to help them! Thank you again!

PS~ What Oregon Park are you hosts at if you don't mind my asking? (You can always leave a general area, if you're more comfortable that way.) My family and I were in our pop-up back in 2015 when both of my kids and my hubby came down with a REALLY bad flu, and a state park in Oregon was going to open up their reserved site for us (we didn't know what that meant at the time, but it sounds like what you're talking about). 

If we didn't *have* to carry on, we would've used that site, and we were SO appreciative that it was offered to us~ It made what could've been a very bad situation a lot easier to deal with, knowing we were covered, if need be.

We live in North Bend/Coos Bay and deliver only the RV within 60 miles North or South of that location. We host state parks in the same distance

Weekend warrior

That's where we were!! If you guys were the ones who were SO willing to help us, thank you! If not, thank you, either way, for being hosts and helping your fellow campers! We're always so appreciative of camp hosts-- we've never been let down when we've needed their help or guidance!!