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One-way fee?


Hello, I have a renter who wants to pick up in sf where i live and drop off in Los Angeles. I’ll have to go to Los Angeles to pick up the van and drive it back to the Bay Area. I’m trying to figure out what is reasonable to charge for this, given that it will be fairly inconvenient for me what with gas, travel, etc. what do You all think?


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Hi @TheCoz! Typically for one way rentals we see owners charge for the cost of getting to location of the vehicle. This would include flights, hotel rooms, etc. It is also common for O’s to charge between $2-$3 per mile for the drive back (possibly more with the cost of gas right now). We sometimes see a service charge, if you will, for the hassle of having to go and pick up your vehicle. However, it is totally up to you what you would like to charge. These are just some common things we see for these types of reservations. With the fees above (if you do decide to charge for these things) you can either up the nightly rate to include these fee or you can do them as add ons. Hope this helps. Best of luck!