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Normal Practices for delivery


I've got a 30ft. trailer that is rented on outdoorsy. I offer delivery, and charge a $175 delivery fee for the local area. I've been doing all the setup and tear down - leveling, blocking, hooking up power, water, electrical, sewer, etc. Then I'm the one that unhooks everything when it's time to pick up. I assume this is typical but want to check - what do you do and what do you think is normal? 


Weekend warrior II

This is what I do as well - I charge $6/mile one way.  That includes delivery, set up, walk through, pick up and dump.  Most people would not know how to set up a camper plus if I'm there I might as well make sure its done right!

Weekend warrior

This is exactly what we do (my hubby and I). Except that we have a different delivery fee structure, but that's another topic altogether (yours isn't bad-- it's just different, and that's totally okay! Every RV rental is a little different, in many ways.)

Before departure, we clean the rig, make the beds, set out towels, and do an overall rental cleanliness inspection (we offer our renters the option for us to make the beds for them, or they can make them themselves when it's convenient.

We've found that about 1/3 of our renters, so far this season, want to bring their own linens and/or towels, so we always ask first.

We set up our rig, level it, do all hook-ups, etc.

If it's a dry-camping or boondocking situation, we fill up all required tanks, make sure the generator is full, and that the extra gas tanks are loaded up as well.

We'd rather go above and beyond rather than leaving our renters high and dry, if we can at all help it. 

It sounds like you're doing what is right for you and your renters! 

Day-tripper II

I break it down by the hr. I figure 1hr to set up 1hr to break down plus what it takes to drive there and back twice x that by Plus fuel and also a 75. Dump fee. This does add up but my labor isn’t free and it does take a lot of time.