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Newbie Host


Looking into renting out our RV Class C motorhome.  I'm hoping the rent will pay for the expenses, loan, insurance, storage, maintenance, of our RV.  What are your thoughts are experiences?  Am I too hopeful?


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Hey there Scotty! It is definitely possible, but it's going to depend on the location you are in and the amount of competition in your area. Class Cs are typically "money makers", we like to call them, because they are marketable to a couple different groups of people. Class C's on average rent very well on Outdoorsy. Hopes this helps a little bit! 

Weekend warrior

One thing you need to do is know your RV inside and out. Sometimes you’re going to have to troubleshoot issues and come up with solutions and answers on the fly. 

Day-tripper III

I rent a class C and a small travel trailer.  Some things to know.  A Class C is going to rent for a higher cost per day and make you more money.  They are more in demand as well.  I get $249 a night for my bunkhouse model.  The other thing to remember is, that they also cost you more as well.  You also need to factor in depreciation.  I rented a 2 yr old bunkhouse model that I purchased brand new.  I just traded it in on a personal trailer this year and I took a HUGE hit as it has over 80K miles on it.  When I purchased my second Class C last year, I made sure I bought a good used one where a large portion of the hit had already been taken.  However, I need to keep an eye on the miles and try and trade it in prior to 80K.  Lots of things to keep in mind.