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New to renting out-bathroom/black water rules?


What do you all do as far as long trips where black tank might get full? Do renters worry about that? Do you offer portable tanks for them to empty it themselves? 
surely the owner doesn’t go to site and empty as needed? Please msg me all of your tips as we have never rented it out before. 


Weekend warrior II

We let the renters deal with it. The steps to empty everything is included in the walkthrough we do at the start of each rental (and in our instruction book for renters). I list a few of the apps/websites that are helpful for finding dump stations in our instructions book too so they can empty them during their trip, and before they return it (we require empty tanks prior to returning, or charge a $40 dump fee).

Portable tanks aren't really necessary, but if you have one you could offer it as an extra add-on that renters pay for if they want.

Weekend warrior II

I should add, if you offer setup and delivery at a campsite rather than having renters drive or tow your rig (and the campsite doesn't have full hookups), it may be a good idea to include a portable tank for renters to use for long reservations.

Thank you! 

Day-tripper III

I do require dumping, refueling and a short list of clean-up.  As a renter, I was always expected to do these things so as an owner I just copied what I had been asked to do all those years.  I do not require propane refilling because renters do not use very much propane during a weekend or even during week-long bookings.  In my opinion, it's not worth the risks or hassle of explaining one more chore, for a few bucks worth of propane.  My 41 gallon tank lasts a very long time and I fill it when I have the rig out.  Right now I can send out at least 4 week-long trips before needing a fill (but it is summer so no heater usage and I'm in California, plus I do not have or offer a propane grill which would suck it up faster).  I also charge a $100 restock/cleaning fee that helps cover this expense.   Please see below, an excerpt from my Rules of the Road:

Upon return, there are three duties the renter is responsible for: 1) cleaning up, 2) dumping tanks, and 3) refilling gasoline. WE DO NOT REQUIRE PROPANE TANK REFILLING.
1) Please clean up: make sure dishes are washed and stowed, refrigerator/freezer is emptied out, counters are wiped clean, floor is swept and trash is removed. Return all items used to their appropriate storage areas (i.e. coffee pot, games, chairs). If you do not wish to complete this chore, we'll do it for you for $75.
2) Post-trip dumping of black and gray holding tanks is required by the renter. If you do not wish to complete this chore, we'll conveniently do it for you for $75.
3) The gas tank should be returned to the same level as it was received. If you do not wish to refill the gas tank, we will do it for you, at the rate of $8.00 per gallon.
For Delivery Renters: you will only need to complete the cleaning.
For Renters returning to the SD Airport: you are only required to refuel, or pay $8 per gallon.
Things happen sometimes, and you may not be able to get all these duties done in time for return, or maybe you just don't want to complete these chores. That's ok, let us do the work. The duties listed that are not completed will simply be charged to your security deposit after return.  

Portable waste tanks could be charged as an add-on item as well.  But I don't have one.  After researching, I realized they are heavy when full and I wouldn't get it up on my bumper for transport anyway.  Also, it may only dump half your waste anyway and only afford a few more days if lucky.  If I were a hardcore boondocker, then maybe I'd rethink it.  It's like anything else, there are loads of opinions on this!  

Good Luck in your rentals!



I haven't rented yet--scouring the boards for tips--how do you add on these services after the RV has been returned?  If they haven't emptied the black water or refilled the gas, etc?

Weekend warrior II

@KimKGray Outdoorsy lets you charge the renter's security deposit at the end of each rental as needed for extra fees or minor damages. That is also where you would pull excess mileage fees if you limited your renter to a certain number of miles per day (assuming you have a drivable RV). Check out this article for more info on the deposits and how they work.

Day-tripper III

We offer a portable tank and let them know they will have to check the tank as they are using it, if they have to empty, we show them how to use everything and try to help them find where to take the tank to empty. We also provide extra water tanks in case they run out of water. We clearly state, we do not come out and empty the tank part way through your trip. Our fee is for one time empty at the end. I would however offer to come empty (if they are close...for an additional fee). Like $50, gas, RV black tank fee, time, etc. 



First time host. We have renter taking our coach soon. What’s the best way to charge a dump fee? Do I need to create an add-on, or do I spell it out in the contract? Maybe there’s already a provision for this and I just don’t know it?

Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks!

Community Manager
Community Manager

@FrankK I've moved your post to a similar thread. Check out the response from @JordanB to @KimKGray.

Day-tripper III

We charge $220 for RV dumping all tanks, cleaning, propane, gas for generator, etc.