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New Owner Here


Just bought my first RV ever in October. I posted my RV this month for renters. I hope I can learn something from the old owners here on this forum.  


Community Manager
Community Manager

Welcome @Lourance and good luck! Please join us at our weekly webinar if you'd like a jump start on optimizing your listing!

Weekend warrior

Welcome Lourance!  30 photos, have the background be at a park or campsite if possible, not the driveway.  Have any extras you are providing in the photos so that the camper looks welcoming.  Check out Southern California owner operators listings.  Many SoCal owners seem to really have it dialed in when it comes to staging their camper for photos.  Add some color, pillows, throws, tableware, coffee pot, etc...make it look inviting.  

The first 4 photos are the most important.  A great exterior, a photo of the entire interior, a pic of the bathroom area, bunks, and bedroom...these are all "top 4" contenders.  Outdoorsy will help a lot with getting your listing optimized.  Have fun with it, and best wishes as you begin!  

See you out there,  Camper Jim

Day-tripper III

You can not have an emotional attachment to the RV.  You have to know and understand, that even with the best renters, there will be damage and there will be wear and tear.  In addition, used make the rest rentals, as there will be depreciation.  In addition, if you are a self-fix-it kind of guy, that helps as well.  In addition, find a few mobile mechanics in your area and put their numbers in your phone book.  They may cost more, but they can save you in a pinch.

Mobile RV Technicians.

Now is a great time to source a mobile RV technician.  If you have someone at your RV dealership in service you can talk to you might be able to get them to source their "backup" tech.  That was my experience this year.  

If you are new to renting, be sure of this one thing.  Something breaks or quits working eventually.  Keep Murphy at bay by getting that mobile tech in your phone.  I used one twice this past season and it was a lifesaver.  I had a 12V Everchill fridge quit on me.  Long/short, I was panicked since it was going to be out of the rig for the month of June through the 4th of July--ugh!  I messaged a person through Outdoorsy that also is in the rental side of the business and they told me what to do.

"Get a nice 50qt cooler, include a big bag of ice, and explain the camper has a smaller fridge and the cooler.  Do not cancel or discount unless you are asked about it."

Well, my guests more than understood my predicament.  They understood that there is no way for me to account for a fridge going out.  Everyone was happy and gave good reviews!  

See you out there, Camper Jim