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New Owner here


Just bought my first RV back in August (at the ripe old age of 63). Have spent the last 3 months learning all I can about how to properly take care of an RV and set it up. Finally ready for renters as I just listed it this month. Of course, it being late Fall, I don't expect much business for the next 4 months or so but at least I have it out there to view. 2018 Winnebago "Minnie Winnie" 22R. My wife and I love it though we haven't stayed overnight in it yet. Oh, by the way, my name is Mark and we live in Middle Tennessee. I'm an Air Force veteran currently still working as a supervisor in a manufacturing environment. Also a big Tennessee Vols fan!

Looking forward to exchanging ideas here and hearing from the veteran RV owners.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Welcome to the community, Mark and good luck!

Thanks Cailey!

Weekend warrior

The off-season is a great time to get familiar with listings.  Outdoorsy offers weekly webinars on optimizing your listing.  

Cliff's Notes version:  30 pics, all in HD, edit them to look awesome--bump brightness and're telling a story with the pics, not just inventorying stuff.  Get killer outdoors pics...not in your driveway.  First Four Pictures: awesome exterior, a panoramic of the interior, the bedroom area, and the bath.  Stage with throw pillows and such.  Check out Southern California ads to see how to deck out your rig.  Regionally, most of the owners in SOCO do a great job staging their campers for photos.  The first 4 pics are the most important as they will be featured first on the front page of your listing.  See you out there--Camper Jim

Thanks Jim, the photos posted so far of when I bought it. Since then I have "decorated" the inside with comforters, throw pillows, etc. Good project for this weekend as I watch the Tennessee/Georgia game! 🙂

Day-tripper III

Finding a local mentor is a great help.  Good luck.  Spend some time in your vehicle at the beginning of next season, so you have a better understanding of what your renters will experience.