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New around here!


Hi Everyone! My husband and I are brand new to hosting! We just listed our RV a few days ago. In your experience, how long does it take before you start receiving inquiries? I have a call scheduled tomorrow with a listings coach to make sure we have all of our ducks in a row, but I was just curious on everyone's experience! Thank you! So excited to be a part of this community!


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It really depends on a lot of variables, price, type of Rv and amenities. My 5th wheel took a month before I started getting inquiries, but it is built for a specific type of camping (boondocking). My travel trailer was almost instant. It is light and simple, great for weekend getaways. 
what kind if rig did you list?

We have a 21ft travel trailer that we renovated! It can sleep up to 5!  ( Is there anything I should be doing to boost traffic to it? I'm sure my call with the the listing coach will help as well! 


Thanks for your reply!

Sorry for late response, life got crazy for a bit. I personally don't know how to "boost" listings but, I work on responding quickly, watching the instamatch and having the best photos and copy I can.  


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So exciting! Congrats on your new adventure. That listing coach session should prepare you pretty well for your first rental. Feel free to reach back out if you have any more questions or concerns 🙂 

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This is really going to depend on your area.  There are almost 600 towable campers for rent in your area.  You may need to do some Facebook posts and some of your own advertising to drive traffic and rentals.  


I am listing my new trailer, only been used twice.  I am nervous about someone damaging it, but could use the extra cash from renting.  I am hoping to hear from other renters and what your experience has been. Thank you for any encouragement or guidance you might be able to offer.


Hi, I am new here and i am nervous with renting my RV to strangers. how are everyones renters usually? Also being in WA, is summer the only busy time to rent RVS or do people reserve in the fall/winter/spring months as well? 

Any tips/advice/ guidance helps!

Thank you


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there @stamtorch @AnandaB and welcome to the Outdoorsy owner community! We have so many successful owners and stories that we could share with you. I'll start by recommending our owner stories of the week where you can read about real people who've gone from just starting out to renting out multiple RVs. All I can say is sure there will be some wear and tear on your RV and that's to be expected, however, giving renters great preparation talks/documentation and a good comprehensive walkthrough at key exchange make a big difference. At the same time if something does happen that's why owners set a deposit amount for incidentals and there's insurance in place. Be sure to download and read over our Outdoorsy owner handbook for best practices and tips as well.
Hope this all helps!