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New and confused


Not sure if I’m posting in the correct area.  Just signed up. Looking for a way to change my cover photo and/or edit my listing. My cover photo isn’t what I wanted. Can’t find a way to change it. The “drag to reorder” option didn’t work. It is now published, but I can’t find a way to edit it. Please help

Ryan from PA


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @rWiss! I am sorry to hear that there are issues with reordering your photos. The best thing you can do would be to reach out directly to our customer service team (877-723-7232) as they can walk through processes and answer questions with you on the phone. They can also edit the photos for you if you prefer. Other wise, if you are on a desktop, you'll need to go to the Dashboard > Your listing > Photos > and move them around to reorder. It can be a bit finnicky, but if it still isn't working, make sure your browser is up to date and clear your cache and cookies. Sometimes this can improve the function of our website. Our CS team is a great resource, definitely reach out to them with questions and concerns!