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My first time listing a class C coming soon

Day-tripper II


I am a brand new Outdoorsy member and looking forward to being able to rent out my 3 year old Thor Chateau Class C.  I am hoping to price it somewhere in the $180-200 range, in hopes of renting it out at least twice a month.  I will see what happens.  I still have a loan on the rig.  The rig is worth about $65-75K.

The part that has me nervous is insurance and incidents.  My auto insurance wouldn't cover my class C along with my cars because of my intention to rent it out.  Hence, I just obtained Roamly insurance as recommended by Outdoorsy to cover me when I am in it.  And it sounds that during the trip, the renters have to have insurance through Outdoorsy. 

My questions are

1) Should I have any other kind of insurance as an owner?

2) Should I demand my renters have to get any type of insurance?  (Would I be allowed to do that?)  It seems there are insurance tiers for the renters through outdoorsy. 

3) From reading what I could from outdoorsy's FAQs, in the event of a total loss, your rig gets valued based on similar rigs online.  Should I get my rig appraised each year (by who?) to establish the rig value in case of a total loss before anything happens? 

3) What are the most common problems I will run into on the first few times I rent out my rig?  I'd appreciate it if you share some experiences.  

Many thanks,


Day-tripper III

With Roamly and the Outdoorsy insurance, you should be well-covered. But also make sure you give the renters the option of direct paying for little dings and scuffs directly - it helps everyone. You also want to be a handy person - sending your camper out for repairs can leave you (and your future renters) in a lurch when the repair shop is backed up.

And they are always backed up.

I won't rent to folks who won't get the Outdoorsy insurance. Period. That's really all you need.

You can get your rig appraised, but a 3 year old class C is pretty much what it is worth. Mileage, trim package and options are all that make any difference. You are covered for catastrophic loss - BUT, you may want to look into gap coverage if you have financing and you are upside down.

As to your second 3rd question (haha), you will experience the joys of un-emptied waste tanks, dirty microwaves, and what the hell did you put down the sink? Make extra keys. Add a tracking device so you know where your camper is all the time. Overcommunicate with your renters. If they seem to be jerks, try to find out early and cancel. Add additional cleaning fees that are punitive if you want your rig back clean.

All the best!

Hi Dave, 


Thanks for taking the time to respond.  I had a question about letting the renters pay for dings and scruffs… how do you elaborate on that with your renters?  Do you just say if you can fix it with the RV toolbox, have at it?  Do you communicate a dollar amount and say if it’s under 100 go ahead and repair?  Do you just say in the listing to call about minor repairs? Something else?




Day-tripper III

Renters RARELY point out the damage, but if they do, it's usually after you're already taking back the unit. Whether I find them or point them out, I go over the damages with the renters and offer them the opportunity to pay for replacement parts and installation (by me) - I can find almost anything on Amazon - and let them pay via PayPal or Venmo. If they decline, then I declare the damages to Outdoorsy and let their deposit and insurance take care of it.

I don't think I'd let a renter do any actual repairs - liability-wise it would be fraught with peril (not to mention they will never do it as well as I can).