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Making Rentals Turnkey


I’m interested in making the process of renting out my RV as turnkey as possible. Ideally I’d like to pay someone to:

1. Go to the unit for pickup and handle the key transfer, walkthrough, dos and don’ts, any make-ready needs, etc

2. Assist with hitching if needed

3. Be there for drop off to reclaim keys and inspect RV condition.

4. Clean the RV, wash sheets, and lock it up.

Has anyone successfully outsourced these tasks to a helper? I’m primarily looking for input from people who have done or tried this vs theoretical opinions on why not to.



Community Manager
Community Manager

@ATXAdam have you considered looking into consignment? You might be able to look in the consignment page and find someone willing to take on your RV or post in there that yours is available. If you do be sure to include all details about your RV and where you're located.

Thanks @Kameron. When I've looked into consignment companies I've only seen them offering resale based consignment vs. rental based. How would I zero in on central Texas consignment companies that would handle rentals for me vs. sell my RV for me?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@ATXAdam I'd recommend posting in the consignment page. I'll also ask around and possibly get back to you if I hear of someone I can refer you to.

Day-tripper III

Any chance you're in San Diego?  I hired someone to clean the inside and outside and was cheap but she was very unreliable.  I found an RV mobile detailer that now cleans the outside for $6 a foot.  I had a maid give an estimate for $25 an hour to do the inside.  But that did not include washing linens.  So I do the inside myself, and wish I had another RV to make it worth my while.  I have started asking friends if they are interested in renting their rigs out.  I would love to find someone to collaborate with.