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Looking for oneway - USA Canada


We are looking to go in July from Montréal until San Francisco with our RV thenngo back to Montréal by flight. To make this trip possible we are looking to rent our RV to somebody who would like to travel from San Francisco to Montréal duration they want, itinerary free also. The RV would be ready for traveling full equipment.
Somebody interesting? We can share together. Thank you for your help.



Yes I am interested in how to contact you via email or any phone number can you give?


I love this idea. I'm in the Sacramento Area, and I have been wanting to organize a group of families to do a road trip across the country. Where one family would have it for a leg of the trip and enjoy seeing a certain part of the country, then they would fly out and another family would fly in, and then continue the cross country trip. I think with enough planning and for sure using reliable people, this could be done, and could make for an awesome trip for all families. However with COVID it is too risky that one family couldn't make it, then what do you do with your RV in another part of the country?  Anyway, I love your idea, hopefully it works out for you.