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Long term rental


Curious what experiences were with long term rentals? What is the longest you have had someone rent out your rig ( most interested in the campervan type) and what sorts of protections did you put in place since there is more potential for damage the longer the rental? I have a (seamingly very interested) potential long term rental ( several months) and im just wondering what sorts of things I am forgetting to think about.


Day-tripper III

I’ve had a few long terms. 2 were for temporary housing while their homes were being remodeled. One was month to month and lasted 3 months. 
Never would have done it if they didn’t have full hookups. That’s the key. Propane they can always refill the tanks. You don’t want to do it if they don’t have a sewer connection. 
Check the tenant laws because some states you can get into the tenant/landlord situation. 
Last spring I had 4 trailers set up for a utility company to house essential personnel right when they started locking things down. They had the trailers onsite at their power plants for 3 months. Only had electric connections but they had multiple employees that owned TTs, so they knew how the fresh water tank and storage tanks worked. They had a truck come out and dump the tanks as needed. 

Day-tripper II

I love long term rentals. Ive been getting them at the end of the season the last couple years (30 day). I do very little differently for them accidents and damage can happen in a day. My security deposit is $2000 and of course there's insurance so I feel well protected regardless of length. I like the peace of mind of having things setup that I'm always covered and duration just means less work/more profit. In the interest of making sure they will enjoy their trip I encourage long term renters to stop by and see it in person first not otherwise I treat it as a standard rental. 

I’m very much contemplating it- renter messaged me about doing a several month long term rental. I would definitely have her do the $69 inside damage protection, but mine is a driveable so definitely upping the security deposit, and probably keeping the mileage charges. Not sure how it becomes cost effective for someone to rent like this long term with all the fees, but she has said she is amicable to my initial price I offered so we shall see. I’m just worried there are other factors I’m not considering  so definitely want input!

Day-tripper III

If they’re going to be driving it for extended months you’ll have to stipulate a maintenance schedule and that they’ll be responsible for all tire maintenance. Including tire replacement. 

Hi! What is the $69 inside damage protection? I have a renter interested in a several month booking which we would do month to month. I want to make sure I'm covered but don't want discharge the renter from booking. We will deliver the trailer to a campground. Any advice is appreciated!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there! So the $69 damage protection is for damage that happens to the interior of the rig while it is parked during a renter’s trip. Here is the link to our help center article that goes into depth on this. Hope this helps!