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Let’s see your solar rv setup?


Hi Guys! Thinking of going solar completely and wondering how your setups are? 



Weekend warrior II

For now, I just added a solar charge controller in the battery compartment and wired up a wall mount SAE plug on the outside. We have a Renogy 200W portable folding panel that we take with us on trips and set up in the sun as needed. The panels work great, but they are definitely not tough enough to handle renters, so we save them for just our trips haha.

Eventually (one day...), I would love to add 300-400W on the roof along with a few lithium batteries, a DC/DC charger and a 2000W inverter. Need to rent it out a while longer to afford that setup though 😁.

Thank you Jordan!! Likewise! research in process! 


Hello I spent months researching solar and finally after watching will prose compare solar panels I went with hqst ( use that link to save money.

I built my own set up, I got the 39a mppt flush mount controller controller extra wires 2 100 watt 9bb solar panels. All this currently charges my existing 2 amg batteries. I’m going to upgrade to lithium batteries but trying to do things in small steps. I added an aims 1500 watt inverter. It was so easy to install.

my suggestions 

unless you have fiberglass or aluminum roof understand that vhb tape won’t work, you have to drill into your roof. I bought the drilless mounts and vhb tape and set everything all up and then realized I had to drill holes in my Thor Vegas roof. I was convinced that tape would work but after more research and talking with experts they told me just screw the mounts down.

had I been prepared I would’ve saved $50 in mounts and $50 in tape. 
I really like my system, the inverter was hell to install since I had such limited space. I think I’m going to take it out again and install it on a sliding shelf so it’s easier to install.

the solar panels took less than three hours to install, run the wires, cut the wall for the control panel and wire up. 
I’m not very handy and my attention to detail

is sometimes not great, many an argument has occurred regarding what i view as “level” haha 

anyway I installed it all and it actually looks very professional.

Final note I struggled between hqst and renology and finally saved a lot by going with hqst. However, all the boxes actually came from Renegy. So I got exactly what I wanted for much less!

good luck

Weekend warrior II

Interesting, I haven't looked into hqst yet, but browsing their website all the panels and such look the same as the equivalent Renogy products, just rebranded, so I'm not surprised your stuff came from Renogy. Good to know though, I will keep them in mind. I've been watching Will Prowse's videos for a while now, he really knows his stuff! That is actually the main reason I'm looking at S.O.K batteries for when we eventually upgrade to lithium.

We also would like to do things in small steps, unfortunately our Class C only has room for a single AGM battery under the step (thanks Jayco... 😠). This means if we ever want to have multiple batteries I'll need to upgrade and relocate them at the same time. We do have tons of room under the bed, and the breaker/fuse panel is already located there, so that is the logical place to put lithiums since they don't need to vent outside. Now if only the price of copper would come down...

Your build-out sounds great though, I always like reading about others success. Thanks for sharing!

Day-tripper II

I've installed panels on my roof and I purchased a Growatt and rack mount lithium battery, all based on a Will Prowse video. I'm going to have a local place set everything up for me.


Day-tripper II