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Keys for Renters


I was trying to find this information, but maybe I did not search well enough. When a renter takes the vehicle, do you give them just one set of keys? If they get locked out, what solutions and responsibilities?

Regarding fuel, do you treat it like a rental car, and they refill back to how it was when they departed, or better to top it off and request they do the same on return? If they do not refill the tank, how do you charge additional fees post-rental if needed? 

First-timer, thanks in advance.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @sanch10! Most owners send just one set of keys. It is the responsibility of the renter if they get locked out. All of our insurance packages (apart from stationary) have Roadside Assistance included so the renter can reach out to them for assistance!
As far as fuel, most owners send out the rig with full tanks and request that renters return the tanks full, too. It is up to you how you would like to handle this. If you do need to charge fees post rental (for gas, excessive cleaning, etc.), you will pull that from the security deposit that Outdoorsy has already held on your behalf. The remaining amount will be returned to the renter. You can read more about security deposits here!

Day-tripper III

I have a hide-a-key for the driver's door and motor on the unit.  I have them bring it back full, but if they do not have the time or desire, I offer a service where I will fill it for them for a service fee.  I bill that against their deposit.


I always give my renters a spare key. I hand one key to the main driver and the other key to the listed additional driver. I know of there is roadside assistance that can help them out but most of my renters have a tight itinerary. Giving them the spare key would prevent delays and I wouldn’t want them stranded somewhere.
As for fuel, I always released the RV with a full tank and expect it to be returned the same way. Otherwise, I charged them $50 plus the cost of fuel. Oh and best if you keep the receipt. I had renters request for the receipts.
Hope this is helpful!