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Key Handoff and Walkthrough from afar

Day-tripper II

We have a rental coming up that is about 2 hours away (we are delivering). The renters won't be arriving until later that night and we will not be able to be there at that time so will be leaving the keys and setting up ahead of time. Are there any suggestions on how to do an adequate walkthrough without being physically present? Phone, facetime, e-mail? Don't like the idea of not physically being there but really not possible with the distance and timing. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

@astarr2017 not ideal but I've heard of it being done before. I'd just make sure to do one of the alternatives above to cover the ins/outs of your RV and that they sign the necessary paperwork. Were you able to leave them a copy of the departure form to sign?

Day-tripper II

I plan on having a YouTube channel with instructions for the whole camper. This way if they forget they can always go back and watch it. But the facetime would be good for the condition at the time of the rental. Also, you can make the forms digital and request the signature at the time of drop-off after your virtual walk-through. Full disclosure my first renter isn't until July but I work for a company that everything is practically digital. People love convenience and less paper. 

P.S. Make a folder on the cloud for your digital paper work, unless if you plan on printing it out.